Verde Resources Inc. was first incorporated in 2010 in the state of Nevada, as an early-stage exploration corporation for mineral deposits and reserves.

In 2021, Verde restructured its operation to focus on AgTech, or sustainable agricultural technology, which is an emerging economic sector that has the potential to completely reshape global agriculture, dramatically increasing the productivity of the agriculture system, reducing the environmental and social costs of current ag production practices, all while sequestering more carbon into the soil as we race towards Net Zero by 2050.

Verde acquired an intellectual property – BioFraction™, which utilizes a proprietary catalyst to bio-fractionalize and pyrolyze organic biomass into renewables such as Biochar, Wood Vinegar (Plant Natural Enzyme), Bio-Syngas, and Bio-oil.

Verde has since established three subsidiaries – Verde Renewables Inc., Verde Life Inc., and Verde Resources (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

Mission & Vision

Mission: To reduce global atmospheric carbon, in line with the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) goal laid out in The Paris Agreement and COP26, by transcending regenerative farming practices through sustainable and renewable resources

Vision: To create the most compelling bio-renewable resource company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to carbon capture and carbon neutral practices

Core Values

Leadership: We are fearless and committed towards a healthier planet and its ecosystems

Integrity: We are professional, honest, responsible and accountable for our actions and speech

Passion: We are committed and enthusiastic with both mind and body in pursuit of a better future

Teamwork: We are inclusive, practice diversity and respect

Respect: We demonstrate dignity and value towards others and the planet