Carbon Farming


Regenerative Agriculture

Living Carbon

Living Carbon™ is the future of farming.

Verde offers regenerative compost mixes, revolutionary carbon-capturing products able to regenerate the earth and soil.

Verde’s Living Carbon™ improves soil health and aeration, increases water holding capacity, promotes humus production, and sustains microbial diversity within the soil.


Verde’s BioFraction™ technology produces high-quality raw Biochar using recycled organic biomass from the dairy, palm, and other natural resource industries. The Company also produces activated Biochar, which undergoes further processing combined with natural enzymes, minerals, and microbial additives. Both raw and activated forms of Biochar are available in commercial and residential size quantities.

Wood Vinegar

Verde’s BioFraction™ technology produces high quality wood vinegar, the natural enzymes extracted from recycled organic biomass waste during pyrolysis.

Verde’s Wood Vinegar is a plant natural enzyme, surpassing the benefits of harmful chemicals as a regenerative alternative that will improve soil fertility and promote plant growth. Wood vinegar is available in commercial and residential size quantities.

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