Wood Vinegar

Organic Farming & Vegetative Growth Booster 100% Organic Powered with Big Benefits:
  • Boots soil fertility & immunity
  • Promote leaves, flowering & retain fruits set
  • Repel insects, ants, termites, rats & control other pests
  • Anti-tick & flea for household pets
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fungal
Wood Vinegar (Plant Natural Enzyme) is a type of enzyme, which facilitates the decomposition of organic matter which helps provide nutrients for microorganisms. It is an excellent natural organic pesticide and synthetic pesticide alternative.

Organic Pesticide

Wood Vinegar (Plant Natural Enzyme) is an organic bio-stimulant that reduces the need for fertilizers while boosting plant growth and resistance to stressors. Made with natural super-ingredients from renewable biomass, Pyroligneous Acid (Wood Vinegar).

The power of Pyroligneous Acid does not come from a single active ingredient, but from the effects of various ingredients such as carboxylic acids, phenols, ketones and mixture of ester derivatives naturally present in it. Unlike agricultural chemicals which typically rely on one or two active ingredients, in
Pyroligneous Acid, these ingredients work in synergy to make it truly superfood for plants, giving its multiple beneficial effects.

These include the ability to fight pests, bacterial and fungal infections, to increase beneficial microbes, boost nutrient uptake and by doing so, supercharge plant and root growth for higher yields and quality produce.

Wood Vinegar Combines with Biochar

Biochar and its by-product, wood vinegar, have attracted extensive attention owing to their great potentials in improving degraded soil, which is a global concern because of the threats to soil productivity and food security. When a mixture of biochar is mixed with soil, manure, and wood vinegar, it creates a microorganism feeding environment.